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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  March 21, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> mark: top stories barry bonds returns to court today >> darya: workers have been sent away from the nuclear plant >> mark: air strikes have stopped in libya for now. we will have latest on the battle in libya had appeared keeping our eye on wall street's soaring over one and a half percent is backed over the 12,000 mark for right now. kron 4 news at 7:00 a.m. start now. >> this is the kron 4 morning
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news. >> darya: a happy monday. alive look at san francisco, you concede a break here but it will not stay here. >> mark: of very wet weekend over the bay area. james has more. >> james: take what we had over the weekend stretched over the week that, that is what we are expecting. we have clouds, but breaks of sunshine as well. scattered showers this morning of those bricks of sunshine will warm up enough that we have the chance of an isolated thunderstorm. rain and wind into the week as well. storm tracker for shows those were the rain is falling right now. we have been following the stream from west to east. over the bay we have a
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cell, with more moderate showers. that is tracking towardseven towards san leandroo alto, san jose some sprinkles as you had two similar to those as well. but in the pacific, heavier cells tracking the way toward center cruz mountains. be ready for that, tracking some rain and the center cruz area where we have the heavier the hurt over watson spill, tracking east. it will dryout momentarily but more showers are offshore heading your way momentarily. on-again, off-again today. up in
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the sierra we have a good amount of snow coming down, achieved are required. george has been talking about that in the traffic department. upper 40's, low 50s currently, warming in and to the mid-50s this afternoon. 55 in san francisco, 56 richmond, 58 in san rosa, as we go south, oakland 57 degrees for you, san jose 57 as well. tracking more instability headed our way, this is what is coming in tuesday evening. your 70 forecast, it is a cold system and only one as well. just like the weekend with trees down, we're looking for more that this week. >> george: it has been awhile since the bay bridge has been a hot spot. but it certainly is this morning, there has been multiple problems starting with an accident in the 5:00 p.m.
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hour, to reason stalls.two recee backed up reaching all the way to the macarthur maze. the backubecause of earlier problem, highway for is a hot spot very early on with the backed up reaching westbound direction with heavy traffic out towards leverage road. let's update the south bay is we pick up the live camera in san jose, 1 01 passing guadalupe parkway, you have an easy ride headed from downtown san jose, tours and clear this morning. public transit still enjoying a quiet ride, a chain requirements aren't a factare i
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>> mark: barry bonds perjury trial starts in san francisco. will tran live at the federal building. >> will: it should start 90 minutes from now. espn has to shown up, i understand this morning it will choose the jury, and have opening statements. eat as he shows up here, the police officers are getting ready. that up barricades on the side. this trial should last a couple of weeks. the question is did he lie or not before a grand jury in 2003, when he said he never knowingly use steroids. he thought he was using flaxseed oil on his body. but they spent years getting ready for this case could be to witnesses, lots of proof, and allegedly lots of
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testimony. we will be all over this, reporters inside and outside. we will bring you live pictures. >> mark: following a latest out of libya. here was the scene as in take aircraft fired in the air from pro gaddafi forces. supporters of leader gaddafi now converging at airports and other strategic locations acting as human shields to prevent missile strikes that are trying to cripple gaddafi's forces. the video shows the strike's over night is two nights in a row. bombings taking place, the cruise missiles destroyed gaddafi's residential car for compound. although he is not a
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target. >> darya: in japan workers are trying to cool the plant where they were evacuated today after smoke rose from the damaged reactor. the cause of the smoke is unclear, the agency says the operator of the complex repeatedly had failed to be crucial inspections of equipment. in the weeks before that the plant was crippled by the earthquake in tsunami. workers have tried to spray the reactors with concrete. one of the several efforts to curb their release. instead of spreading water they are to bring concrete. it would only come into play if water does not cool the reactor spirit this is the latest we do we have. after week of blowing from the no west, when have now shifted
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threatening to blow radiation to more populated areas to the south. the pattern with the winds blowing from the north east through much of japan is expected to continue through tomorrow. that could carry material on shore from the facility, 150 mi. north of tokyo. >> reporter: monitoring some live pictures at of rockville md.. this is the commission meeting right now one of the things, that they came up with so far is that no breach of a of containment at the three reactors in japan have been found. their main goal is to devise a plan to meet proper person present barack obama, a safety review at the united states nuclear reactors. this will continue through the morning and i will keep you updated. hey marcel, watch this!
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>> darya: the average price of a gallon of gas has jumped 75 in the last two weeks. now we are paying 765 more than we were last year. let's look at the prices. these are the averages for regular unleaded. $4.20, in san francisco, san jose $3.98, oakland $3.97. >> mark: everyone watching wall street, a big jump of over 200 points. the latest numbers coming out of wall street. also watching whether to tornadoes
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>> darya: we got through the rough weather just barely over the weekend. there was a test
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tornado late saturday night. here you can see some damage. it moved that marne. is it tore through the shelter, the property owner said it picked it up and drop it 10 ft. away in the neighbor's yard. video from a scene where a large red would split into and came crashing down on our roof, into a neighbor's backyard. fortunately in both cases nobody was hurt. we have been through the high winds and rain, we note more rain but what about the winds? >> james: we could see it gusting up to 30, 40 mi. an hour coming tuesday night, wednesday, thursday today it's not bad, scattered showers through the morning, you can see where there right now. and what
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is the man and track some of these heavier cells appeare. a f wet weather from san francisco to oakland for the last hour. as we slide the maps out i want to show you rainfall headed towards the east bay, it is currently over the bay right now but it is making its way over. it is still light rain, but it will be enough you will use your wiper'' along 8580.80. if you're in then ramon valley will see some light rain momentarily. heavier cells just south of half moon bay. expect things to increase in terms of rain falling out there.
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san occurs, we have a large sell clearing out watsonville, another one offshore. we will see waves of showers throughout the day. we start tapering off towards the afternoon. in the sierra a lot of snowfall, bring chains you will need them. so stay tuned for that. it is a cool start about could have pulled degrees cooler than yesterday. we will warming up into the mid 50s today. you will see 57 for san jose, oakland, 54 in the east bay in the delta, and the the livermore valley. still keeping a close eye in the pacific we see the next storm.
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the next one will make our lives more wet tuesday night, wednesday. heavy rains and strong winds. thursday wet, friday light supple little bit, this weekend looks like a mirror image of the weekend we just off. 7:19 a.m. let's see how the right is doing. >> george: of hot spot already and for a while now into and through the macarthur maze, 880 approach backed up and all lanes, backed up across the toll plaza flats. i roth bay bridge ride. highway 4 westbound, it is improving just a bit, we may not be tracking this is a hot spot much longer. it looks like a normal rough ride for highway 4. an earlier accident backed it up solid. 680 southbound, it has
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benefited from this law right on highway 4 west, it kept a lot of traffic away from this commuted to the san ramon valley to walnut creek. it is starting to slow rate at the top of your screen, for your ride up to alamo and livermore in your route.look for, chains are requ, off 50 as well, and 80. highway 88 is closed from kirkwood to silver like. an accident in palo alto on 1 01 southbound that may not only be affecting the freeway but the university on ramp. we will update that in our next report. >> mark: a strike as hundreds of workers are striking at the
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civic steal and casting after contracts expire yesterday. >> reporter: you can see several hundred workers out on the picket line this morning. they walked out last night. their contract expired yesterday, they took a strike boat saturday, 90 percent decided to walk it appeared this is all about contract negotiations that have not been settled. pay and medical benefits, it's an old story. most unions are going to wreck this point. the up to 500 workers here, all part of the gnp, local 164. that is the lastthey hope they can get a contract, they arrived here about midnight last night, when the contract expired. they say
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they will be out here until negotiations are settled. i can tell you the crowd is getting larger. they expect 400 workers to be out here today. >> mark: we will be right back as athe news continues in a minute. i wonder what gas costs today. seven dollars for a pillow! an extra bag costs what? i hate traffic! ♪ [ child ] the train is now arriving. [ male announcer ] the train has arrived indeed. amtrak guest rewards members earn up to triple points this spring. details at
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so instead of making peanuts, your savings will be earning three times the national average. oops. sorry. three times more? i'll have that! it is now safe to go online to what's in your wallet? buh-bye... call me. >> mark: alive look out at the sierra, we had that mass on saturday with the pileup of vehicles. that caused major delays. right now the traffic is moving by you to have to have a chain spirit 40 in. of snow in 20 hours this weekend appeare. a rain through l.a. area now is pushing snow in to the sierra. heavy rain in palm springs. >> darya: take a look and video
7:26 am
from the weekend storm appeared you can see how high the storm was spirit they had several inches of rain to add to that. it blew through the area. some gusts as high as 40 mi. an hour. it caused a huge mess is that of this big lots. it causes our roof to partially collapsed. the floors covered in water and debris. luckily no employees or customers for her. >> mark: a patch of sludge new the near new orleans. they haven't tested the patch and the only found trace amounts of petroleum. they don't believe it is part of the bp oil spill. they are putting out boone's in environmentally sensitive areas. fancy footwork
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during his travels to latin america. he kicked around the soccer ball with children from personal. we will be back as a news continues after this break. all live look from the james lick your some sunshine and scattered showers. traffic getting
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>> mark: sunshine and a few scattered showers, alive look here at the sierra. we have chain requirements past kirk what appeared you can get to court with this morning. james is tracking the storm. >> james: seeing remnants of the storm that went through this weekend. to give you some idea
7:30 am
of how much rain we saw, saturday, sunday. st. helena's 30 in., bay area airports saying just over 1 in., at one time said cruz mountains three. 04 inches of rain. a big soakers and another storm coming by wednesday and thursday. britain held scattered showers through the bay. steady stream of wet weather through some francisco tracking to oakland. that cell expected to get over the heart of oakland momentarily. just south of that through the san mateo bridge you can see this cell making its way towards a word appearehe word. intension s
7:31 am
a hayword. pay word. all of this streaming that way, continuing to see the pattern throughout the day. things coming down towards the santa cruz area where we had heavier rain earlier this morning. keeping an eye on the sierra. if you're headed up there no they have snow falling right now, it will continue to fall today and more snow falling through the middle of the week. cold up there and inclement weather. san francisco 55 degrees, 56 in concord, 57 for oakland and san jose. everybody ran around that marked today. in the pacific we
7:32 am
see the instability out there, more snow headed towards a tuesday night into wednesday. we stay on stable week-long with that once they come up thursday storm. showers continuing friday, saturday, sunday. 7:32 a.m. let's check your ride with george. >> george: a rough ride for the beginning of your work week. the bay bridge toll plaza is hot for sure. interstate 80 slow throughout emeryville. into the toll plaza flats. usually the best approach is the 880 approach, it is as badly backed up as the rest. one no one in the southbound direction through palo alto headed into mountain view, both directions backed up
7:33 am
leading towards university ave. the scene of an earlier accident. lanes have been cleared but it is still affecting the ride both ways. if you're headed to the southland. interstate 5 was shut down early morning hours and remains close to both directions over the grapevine. because of ice and snow. highway 101 is open this morning. no problems for public transit. >> darya: if has been seven years in the making, now in just about an hour home-run king barry bonds is going to be on trial. his perjury trial begins at 8:30 a.m. in san francisco. we have a crew their will tran is monitoring what's going on at the federal building. we are one hour away. the media is just trying to show up.
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>> reporter: just crossing the wires right now, the upcoming presidential election, a this to him say he will take the first formal steps to a presidential bid. he is a former governor of minnesota. he plans to use facebook to make his formal announcement. it will be for him a full blown candidacy for the republican nomination by making this announcement he can start to form an exploratory committee and raise money. that is the breaking news. >> mark: the latest in japan right now, utility company operating the plant has once again evacuate its workers. grace boat is escaping from a reactor today. a problem plagued
7:35 am
reactor no. 3. two reactors have been brought under control problems to lead a third reactor. the operator of the plant repeatedly failed to make repeated inspections before was crippled. the u.s. naval commander says i down pills are being available for military families in japan. another strong aftershock this we can more than a week after the devastating earthquake in tsunami. saturday, 6.1. this is the video of a briefing as the pictures started to rattle. this was 45 mi. south of the nuclear power plant. >> darya: i just told you about barry bonds trial, let's go to the federal building with will
7:36 am
tran in checking with him. >> will: lots of anticipation, it is already a circus. a lot of reporters are outside shooting anybody who walks through the doors. apparently some of the attorneys have already entered, they have barricades' shut ousee will walk through the barricades, he will start his trial after years of the blade. the should last a couple of weeks, they will choose a jury, even possibly doing opening statements. a simple question did he lie or not. but in 2003 he went before a grand jury and said he never knowingly took steroids. he thought he was rubbing flaxseed oil on his body. but they say was not it was the cream that's associated with
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>> craig (no audio)
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>> mark: watching bay area weather, a chance of showers, another storm coming tomorrow afternoon, heavy rain and gusty winds wednesday and thursday. showers friday. and another struck for >> darya: we haven't details about the explosion a pipeline explosioinspection has found ofd seen similar to one that failed in september, that failure started this fire. this discovery means there are construction problems sun and other parts of the transmission
7:41 am
line. previously the only one they found on line running under san bruno was at the actual rupture's site only. the city of santa clara expected to take a new course of action in its funding for the proposed 49ers stadium. the city will decide tonight whether to give fourth half million dollars from three development fund directly to the forty-niners. that money faces the risk of being taken away by the government of the legislature votes to do away with local redevelopment agencies altogether. >> mark: new recommendations that could change the way but a lot kids, in the advises parents to keep their toddlers in their rear facing child seats in chile are to. the are racial guideline was one-year-old. now they should be in a booster seat until they are 4 ft. 9 in. tall. between eight, 12. no child
7:42 am
under 13 should be allowed. >> darya: plows so i should be in a booster seat? all live look we have sunshine at the moment.
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>> darya: 7:45 a.m., a quick look at the top stories barry bonds on trial today in san francisco on perjury charges. baseball's quiet all- time home-run leader is charged with lying to a federal grand jury when he denied the only taking performance enhancing drugs. >> mark: workers evacuated again this morning after thick smoke started coming from one of their reactors in japan. it brings the
7:46 am
work to bring back electricity to a standstill. >> darya: the pentagon says they have not launched any new air strikes against libya this weekend. state this weekend they had a series of air attacks. they are moving to turn over control to americans air all eyes in the collision. >> james: tracking the weekend storm, the rum and still with us this morning. scattered showers through the bay area not so much in the north bay up from golden gate bridge down. san francisco, oakland a stream headed that way, more offshore. san francisco dealing with light rain this morning. the san mateo bridge, basically we have had showers for " little while. all in all, unions and it will probably be under the wet whether it is for the next half hour. as the system moves on,
7:47 am
pass a much in the south bay but maybe in the else. san jose looking dry at the moment. look at what is off the shore. heavier cell of removing and. anybody traveling along boulder creek, or are passes it will be dealing with wet weather. wider view, all lot of snow and rain on the slopes of tahoe. a highway 80, 88, any route you will need chains. we have a series of storm headed our way that could drop more snow in the sierra. those resorts dealing with all whole lot of powder. in the pacific still having a lot of cloud cover that system from the cold air of the gulf of
7:48 am
alaska. we will deal with what we saw over the weekend. mostly cloudy today, in the evening we see the next form coming in, one stays wet, so as thursday, friday scattered showers, saturday, sunday equally is wet. this saturday and sunday will be a lot like the past saturday and sunday. good morning george house the ride? >> george: this backed up at the toll plaza, one of our hot spots this morning. it has been since 6:00 a.m. early morning accidents, and numerous stalls a backed up all the way to the macarthur maze. a slow ride free bay bridge to this morning. they're not cycling the meter lights at a rate that would help this back up and dissipate. it is also backed up on 1 01, aha
7:49 am
hot spot in the southbound direction. heavy traffic in 1 01 east north bound ride is backed up into mountain view, such bound ride up bin to belmont. the southbound incident has been cleared, the northbound incident is still on the northbound shoulder. the ride through walnut creek, 680 commute is backed up now getting down towards alamo. the back up reaching almost hear two south main street for 680 south. the southbound ride into walnut creek is actually much better. earlier this morning highway for with a hot spot but it is no longer. the westbound commute back to normal. >> mark: tracking the cleanup and santa cruz harbour after the tsunami surge over a week ago. part of the reopening but still a lot of work to be done. >> craig: the situation as such,
7:50 am
the outer harbor or the south harbour is open to limited traffic. as you can see the yellow tape is up, the boat ramp is still closed. this sonar boat a key instrument finding debris, they have cleared the safe area. with all this bad weather this has not been the case. unfortunately all the what are over the weekend halted activities, or has it going haltingly back and forth with no progress. people are anxious to get this back open so they can get back to business. unfortunately they are losing money every day while they wait. hopes to get federal dollars is still up in the air. lot of uncertainty right now, people getting access to the inner
7:51 am
harbor where much of the damage was done. that area was closed to both a traffic altogether. the north harbour is still available to some boats but not enough to call it business as usual. they hope to get this sonar boat backed out, looking for debris in getting this plea clear tplace cleared. >> darya: senior mining official says there is little chance of survival for 31 men that are trapped in pakistan the killing of his 21. methane gas was hampering rescue work that has been trying to save the men since that explosion that happened early sunday. because the mine to collapse, it was declared dangerous two weeks ago but the warning was ignored. robert gates is in russia for what is expected to be is final visit. here is stepping off the plane. he looks to ease worries
7:52 am
about missile different friend'' children and expand military relationship. russian cooperation in the afghan war in support of the security council resolution has dramatically involved. he will need with russian leaders and he will speak to a class of navy academy junior officers. >> mark: alive look the outside right now, we have some sun, breezy, scattered [ male announcer ] provocative.
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>> mark: the dow is backed over 12,000. up 185. a gunshot wound the hip hop artist was injured after being shot in haiti. he is not clear whether he was targeted, he is not talking
7:56 am
about the incident. he is in his native country to support a candidate in the runoff election. >> darya: the sci-fi thriller " limitless, " it allows them to tap into the maximum frame potential lemay 19 million. coming in second. "rango"in #3 " double loss angeles ". bradley cooper has a girlfriend called it quits. multiple resources confirming this lit. the representatives have nothing to say. >> mark: according to route radar on line. cbs wants charlie
7:57 am
sheen back onto and half man. they are ready and willing to forgive to continue to broadcast the series. he has been talking to warner brothers the company that produces and two and half man. he spoke directly to the producers that has been there target. they want the solution that would bring machine back to the show. this comes, and rumors that he has talks with fox. >> darya: he said everybody will be begging me to come back. >> mark: i dystopias and canceling his tour. >> darya: another hour of news actually several hours of news coming up a
7:58 am
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>> will: bonds is in federal court at this very hour prosecutors who want to prove that he lied about using steroids coming up offal report. >> mark: more from the nuclear-power plant to japan n.y. investigators are awaiting figures at the plant's operators. >> darya: dramatic pictures of libya tensions in the country continue to rise air attacks. >> mark: as sir john wall street the dow jones is that when a nine points over the 12,000 mark. a big merger in the cell phone market we'll have details read ahead. >> live, from the bay area's news station, this is the kron 4 morning news. good
8:01 am
morning, march 21, 2011 i am darya. >> mark: and high marks. rain showers are starting out. check on whether. >> louisa: good morning, you can continue to see the dark cloud that there's still seeing some showers this morning. also a chance of some isolated thunderstorms as we head into the afternoon than the house and heavy rain, strong wind. and as in libya wet the first week. storm tracker 4, sure you where the stars are. getting a little snow fall. on long on hamilton seeing some rain continue along the peninsula to places like oakland, alameda. ian city, fremont getting a bit of what weather. as we take it along the coast rid of your
8:02 am
pacific jet. blenny is now fall still continuing. as you head into tomorrow snow levels expected to drop down. los know what the system. right now year in the forties. napa only 35 degrees. 48 bids differ diskette says bay mid '40's. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. warming to the mid-50s by tuesday, that is when the heavy rain is expected. heavy rain, strong wind. >> george: i'm missing some improvement at the bay bridge, it has been a hot spot for a couple of hours. that seems to be easing just a bit, certainly the biggest improvement is right here the 800 per to. but the toll
8:03 am
plaza fats towards the macarthur maze for the better part of this morning. we still at or hot spot. but southbound racked up is almost beginning before highway 92, just a few breaks it is a rough ride. if you sometimes roll the dice whether to take 101 or 280 just junk-bond the world's most beautiful freeway. gold run-day line you will need chains. ) kirkwood-silver lake. for the parts that urban unique chains anyways. >> darya: thank you, the story we're 30 minutes away from the perjury trial beginning for barry bonds. >> mark: he has are your
8:04 am
ride in the courtroom, the journey is now is michael korda rosa. barry bonds is going to be there as the train keep people for the jury tell us about the selection process and how will they find people who were not aware about the giants and barry bonds? >> caller: that will be the difficult part. the first up as they ask them to figure out errors, they started that process last week. they go through them very slowly. >> darya: what is the bar? are they allowed to be baseball fans? giants fans? does not a bad idea? >> caller: the pens were the the job what did a look for is preconceived opinions that the jurors have. you can say i watched the giants ahead no opinions about the style. i don't
8:05 am
know anything about it. that would be a juror there would be acceptable. >> mark: is it unusual victory bonds is there for the jury selection i have to tell you i demand that my client be there. >> caller: can you imagine jurors coming in, they don't want to be there. they see the defendant is not. that would upset them. >> darya: so it's a good move that is there today. we look for this to take a week? >> caller: this probably will go to-three weeks. in federal court in those very quickly. criminal trial attorney and have never understood that. but judges tend immovable long. this should have a jury by today, if not by tomorrow. opening statements will then begin.
8:06 am
i think they're talking 60 some odd witnesses. when you consider it's been so long to get to this point. >> justine: >> caller: i've often wondered why it criminal courts want to rest through trial so quickly. >> mark: how strong is the case? >> >> reporter: did bonds television truth? and that he did not know what he was taking steroids. the more emotional side to be the defense's approach to this. that is the syrup. it must buy a understanding that
8:07 am
before he testified the defense asked the prosecution can we see some of the documents that you have? they initially promised to run out of that. but didn't. they will say he was set up by the government to commit perjury rather will sell the nose. >> darya: did you get in the courtroom? >> caller: know i have my own cases to defend this week. >> darya: we appreciate your time. >> mark: will also be in the court or in. we'll bring you the latest.
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>> justine: this is dan, i'm getting word that u.s. has democratic leader nancy pelosi has been hospitalized in rome. she's scheduled talks with italian officials including the defense minister. and news industry says she was briefly hospitalized, although she's saying and she suffered a minor element they're not giving any more details. the u.s. embassy has declined to comment. nancy pelosi did go to the hospital, i will search the wires for more information. >> darya: thank you, 8:11 a.m. we will be back with morning couple of minutes, this just in, of hotspot the golden gate bridge looks like a mess. >> george: a back up into
8:12 am
sausalito on 101, they were laid in reconfiguring the bridge. the last several hours there have only been three lanes available. the wall so great is still three lanes. coming up in gary and the world according to gary.
8:13 am
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(music) >> darya: hello gary. >> gary: hulloa darya. >> darya: the big east goes bust. all the headlines are saying. >> gary: why so negative? >> darya: i guess if your with the big east or negative. (laughter) >> darya: i let my brackets. i am doing very. i can sanding that bad. i looked for the little guys, where
8:16 am
the plane florida? is that 11-10? >> gary: all the teams should not abandon their they seem to get the most criticism. they've been great so far. i believe there the first team to ever win three games in one a week. normally, one of those people who plays that many games always gets knocked off immediately. >> darya: butler lives on to. is it the new butler or is butler the butler? >> gary: i have no comment at this point. i just watch the last five minutes as it's getting down to the end. there was a pretty good weekend. the byu thing with that one kid was good. north carolina played yesterday. michigan was good. it was a
8:17 am
good weekend. i believe there is quite the record there. >> darya: so that was due. they're still in. >> gary: he played for bob knight. >> darya: seri looking at this next round of games are you still like everyone everyone is looking at the underdog. >> gary: again, i still think, if you want to play go ahead. ducommun high as state. i guess ohio state, wouldn't be a big deal. but, you can guess all you want. i still think they're under the category. >> darya: exactly. even though last year vicki little bumper. >> gary: back to ohio state
8:18 am
that is the glamour. >> darya: i will try to keep up with this. >> gary: did you really read their bracket. >> darya: i'm not kidding you i needed a little bit of time. you can read it's ok. >> gary: put it down. >> darya: my guys are still in. at its kansas, i think it is to kron. >> gary: kings this is problem still the best pick. that's right not doing all the way. >> gary: if i was told that to pick one eyed probing the kansas. >> darya: angelina and brad have their own basketball team. i just won a jury the pictures, they have six kids. there and your lens just hanging out. is just
8:19 am
bizarre to me. they've got six kids. >> gary: after say this. when you're that much money, you can trot them out get your pictures taken. but they have a lot of help by insurer. >> darya: still a >> gary: up the lot. she does a lot of different things. maybe that's her instinct but this a good guy, i guess they're married now to take on all of those kids. he's gonna get hurt too. he may never see the kids. >> darya: i think the >> gary: 82. you just don't know. to her credit she's traveling around saving around the world. how you talk time to do there? >> darya: island to see the kids. a little messy. then i
8:20 am
feel like you're not trotting mo. we are seeing tom cruise is daughter, these kids are wearing white kids want to wear. >> gary: how many kids are in that picture? >> darya: 6. >> gary: a film is a family, only they know what's going on inside the home. but the lot of kids with their schedule. but imagine if you have a lot of help it eases this >> darya: stress. barry bonds, we have fresh radio. we have bonds this morning, he was in 40 minutes ago. this is fresh from this morning. he looks fabulous. he's going to be sitting there while there are asking the jurors the questions. >> gary: we should all look that good. he's a helluva lot there when he was watching their home run. >> darya: he's going in, we
8:21 am
worry behind him. >> gary: it would be funny if bonds turned rotten boston house someone was a >> darya: . he would fall on the floor. to be a regular person and see him right there. i think that might be intimidating. you have to have an industry after this. >> gary: as far is no remedy for in this thing, when he was playing in his home run it was a little different than now. either not how you can read a book about this, haori and approve when i get as do not to my knowledge. the is a tough thing. >> darya: we will see what happens. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. it's really delicious, mom.
8:22 am
8:23 am
it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
8:24 am
>> louisa: welcome back to the kron 4 news. get ready
8:25 am
for a wet week ahead of us. showers today, a slight chance of showers tomorrow. the heavier stuff tuesday into a good portion of the workweek details coming up. >> george: a backup on the golden gate bridge, they were late in reconfiguring the bridge server for the better part of the morning only three lanes have been available. the back up to mill valley, a set amount. at least half things back in order. >> mark: the dow jones is over 12,000. nasdaq up 2%. s&p up 20. >> darya: the price of gas is also up. they're paying 75 more over the past two weeks. let's take a look at the average prices for regular here in the bay area
8:26 am
san francisco 42. oakland penny last at 397. all eyes are on at&t. it's about to become the largest telephone company in the u.s.. it is a cash, stock deal but you got $39 billion. at&t expects the acquisition to close by the end of the year. lawmakers are going to be back at the drawing board this week they are trying to get ready to sat on the tax extension. governor brown wants lawmakers to call a special election putting it on the ballot letting voters decide whether to extend the temporary increases. he is also proposing deep spending cuts to close the 26 and half billion dollar deficit. >> mark: we're following the latest with barry bonds. >> will: his trial begins in
8:27 am
three minutes coming up we will show you how looks these days and with the faces in court coming up.
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> darya: 7 years in the making in today's the day that the trial starts for barry bonds, will tran van is that the federal building. we no barry bonds arrived within the hour. what was it like when he got there? to the look different, did you notice a leading christian mark >> will: he was considerably smaller. he's still at shut out this morning, where is a video, he was in the black s u v. he got a out, but not his jacket. the first written thing that struck gust was he is much thinner. using great shape, almost like a track runner. we tried ask questions, he did not answer any questions
8:30 am
quietly making his way through the metal detectors. he's a court rate now. this trial should last about three weeks. simple question did he lie or did he not? when he went in front of a grand jury saying he never knowingly use steroids. that is the story he is dead to since this pursuit began. he hasn't played baseball and for years but they been working on this for years. they will not have his longtime friend/trainer on the witness stand because he says he refuses to testify. he's gone to jail in the past for refusing to testify. apparently they will have numerous witnesses as well as the 2003 urine sample. they will allegedly show that he tossed it positive for steroids. the income and is inside. as soon as they take a break we'll get an update.
8:31 am
>> darya: simple question but a long drawn-out process it will be difficult to prove. >> will: very difficult 1/2 to prove that he knowingly lied. not only is he charges of perjury but obstructing justice. even if he's found guilty. he probably will only get probation or house arrest. this is a bigger legacy because if he's found not guilty his chances of going into the baseball hall of fame go way up. according to a story in if he is found guilty they proudly what talk about him being in the hall of fame for at least 30 years. >> darya: we'll check in with you later. >> mark: the latest data japan, the utility company operating the troubled new york power plant is evacuating workers. this time smoke is evacuating
8:32 am
from one of the units. the problem plagued unit-3 as a buildup of pressure over the weekend there were talks about having to bend it. but that does not been done yet. the operator of the plan repeatedly failed to meet crucial if inspections in the weeks before. the u.s. naval commander said i bentos have been made available in japan starting today. i die films and those area out at four stations in japan. a strong aftershock one week after the tsunami. this one in 6.1. that's as strong as the earthquake did devastated christchurch. you can see the walls shaking. the epicenter about 45 mi. cells of the nuclear-power plant where crews continue their work. after more than a
8:33 am
week the winds blowing a total of the north east boeing radiation to see, now they're turning more to the north east. there's real concerns for areas down to the cells. with current wind pattern they could blow inland and down towards tokyo. tokyo is the largest metropolitan area in the world with over 30 million people. >> darya: here's the latest of libya, supporters of gaddafi are converging on airports as human shields as u.s.-led military strike straight cripple his forces. this is video we just got end of the tripoli. heavy anti-aircraft fire. you can hear it over the city. britain says that barring a recession to avoid civilian car of a joke casualty's-. -civilian casualties. the
8:34 am
u.s.-led coalition has succeeded in scattering and isolating forces of khaddafi. the u.s. officials believe gaddafi's military is under significant stress. here's video added billy with their conversion. some 200 libyans have arrived in sicily. it is the first major transportation of civilians since it began. rain, wind, power outages, accident, snow hoping for a little bit of an outbreak today please. >> louisa: compared to that is a break. still wet weather for the start of spring and we'll continue with that trend rate down to the work we can do the weekend isolated thunderstorms even a possibility for today. rain, wind really starting to pick up late tuesday. rainout
8:35 am
your reader is lit up along the peninsula also down and to the south basin spotty showers from san jose no. 3. looks like rate over mount hamilton you can see some light showers. places like pacifica watches cell work its way through. moderate downpour's along the coast heading toward san mateo. also getting heavier downpour's to san bruno, pushing out towards the bay. up in the sierra continuing with more snowfall. we do also have a high surf advisory just kicked into effect. until about 5:00, is expected 10-12 ft. at about 20 seconds. we could see those waves breaking up to 18 ft.. turley temperatures are in the 40's, by the
8:36 am
afternoon we bring those ties into the 50s. 56 and places like novato, richmond. temperatures down and assess bay reaching the upper 50s as well. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. was looking forecast ahead of us. rain, wind is a big part of the forecast. friday-sunday morning. george? >> george: their problems with the check the changes of the pylons on the golden gate bridge so it did i get accomplished until the 8:00 hour. the only three lanes available across the golden gate and over the wall though. that has been corrected. traffic is recovering. there was a late accident, it is really slow. the closer you get to their bridge, better speeds across the span. late delays for what is usually trouble- free. i think after this
8:37 am
report will no longer be a hot spot. the bay bridge, westbound has been backed up to the mark cursor macarthur maze. --the macarthur maze. traffic is still slow for the westbound ride. interstate-680, big improvements of bounds. -- southbound. no longer backed up. 837 we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. [ male announcer ] if you're ready for more from your tv service,
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and you can record and play back your shows from any room. [ female announcer ] call at&t now to get your u-verse tv starting at just $29 a month for six months -- hd-ready dvr included at no extra charge. or get up to $300 in a promotion card with a qualifying u-verse bundle. [ male announcer ] with u-verse tv, you can even upgrade to over 155 hd channels. that's more than cable. maybe that's why u-verse tv is ranked "highest in residential television service satisfaction in the west" by j.d. power and associates three years in a row. [ female announcer ] at&t u-verse: tv like you've never seen before. >> mark: welcome back to the kron 4 news. >> darya: rain is expected to continue and selling california we get a dose of it over the weekend, take a look at the video from southern california strong winds blowing to the area
8:41 am
causing some damage. want to see the damage, a look at this. this is a big what storage the heavier rain action caused the roof to collapse. we have video look, there. you can see all of the damage in the small store. got a degree, water. as bad as a low-cost luckily no one was hurt. >> mark: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. we continue watch a big day on wall street the dow jones up 1.5%. it was up over turner points now 1842 processor 182.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> darya: we were just talking about the well off weather over the weekend. just get this video, a
8:45 am
tornado was reported to touchdown saturday night. this is the second tornado to midsummer's and three days. it forced rescue shelter was picked up by the high winds dropped 10 ft. away in the neighbor's yard. this is video one of those where a large redwood trees but in truth. fortunately no one was hurt. let's get the latest on the forecast. we're still dealing with some showers this morning raid on the peninsula it's really just to the south of the bridge we're seeing some showers and san as say even some snowfall. along the peninsula light, spotty. as we take it down to places like south san francisco are seeing some showers pushed to the south. making its way
8:46 am
along the peninsula seeing some showers defroster city as you head to the bridge. often the sierra continuing with snowfall to pile up. on highway 50 continuous coverage snow showers. we had a high surf and advisory a top arafat about 20 seconds we could see those waves breaking. ray knight air temperatures are sitting in the '40's. by the afternoon it will bring those wise to the upper 50s. 55 san rafael and san francisco. mid-upper 50s to the east bay, san jose. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. one day after another bringing the wet weather and the mets. tuesday night will notice a bigger star moving in. heavy rain, strong wind this will continue to read greek even till about thursday. friday
8:47 am
about more showers. expecting another wet weekend. >> george: finally seeing some improvement here at the bay bridge off the back at one time reached to the bay bridge now at the end of it. this 880 approach is pretty good. the house of the cycling of the meeting light, and the next 45 minutes but it will begin to see the end of the back up is especially hard on the early-morning. beery lights were activated. crosstown freeway--metering lights were activated. i was just chatting with erica over in the traffic center we were checking on conditions for
8:48 am
interstate 5 it will shut down in the early morning hours because of ice and snow. it is still closed for 101 is open. mark? >> mark: cleanup efforts are on growing in the harbor. part of the harbor reopened after that search. kron4 is live watching the efforts. >> reporter: is any at the centers are it is nice, quiet after all the storms. all the storms this past weekend has kept this boat, mostly grunted coupled with what they tell me is an equipment problem in housing gone out in scans. scanning for dupery of sunken boats in the harbor. things they have to find open the harvard backed out. it has been frustrating. they will leave within the hour to
8:49 am
start scanning for the remaining debris. the department of fish and game has done its work around process and then say their job is basically done. it's a matter of clearing the space out so they can get this harbor up and running. they're also trying to get financial support to help cover the damage. that vote will head of soon they think there may be some serious degree in the main channel. but the parked it phases out towards the ocean is open to both under 6 ft. and light. the inner harbor, those on the other side is still off-limits. that is the case in least until tomorrow. we will see what happens after that. bart tune >> mark: . a story just crossing the wires the world health organization is speaking out say japan needs
8:50 am
to act quickly and banned food sales from areas around the plant. a spokesperson for them so that radiation can accumulate in the body and poses a greater risk to the body and the particles. high levels of poverty been detected in milk and produce. taiwan has directed in japanese beans. >> darya: new details about the deadly sin order gascon explosion. recently released documents from pg&e reveal what could be another construction problem along the transmission line running beneath a san francisco suburb where a deadly natural gas explosion occurred. documents and interview transcripts released this month by the national transportation safety board show pg&e inspectors found an apparently flawed seam weld located just a few hundred feet away from the san bruno blast site. pg&e has publicly identified other flaws in the pipe, but not the potential problem uncovered in the inspection performed several weeks after the sept. 9 explosion that killed eight people and
8:51 am
destroyed dozens of homes. >> mark: in looks like an oil sheen on top of the water but the coast guard test that they found trace amounts of petroleum. the assessments is not the believe to be from the oil spill most likely was caused by river sediment. crews are putting out booms. to help with that. >> darya: santa clara is expected to take a new course of action in need funding. they're voting tonight to decide whether to give money from the redevelopment funds directly to the forty-niners. it faces the risk of being taken away if the legislature votes to do away with local redevelopment agencies. >> mark: you may have to put your kids back in the biggest rise there's new recommendations. the guidelines are just coming out there advising parents to keep their ptyalr toddlers in
8:52 am
those rear facing child seats until age 2 or gloomy to the maximum height and weight, they're also recommending that children ride in a booster seats until 4 ft. 9 in. tall 8-12 years old. no child under 13 is recommended to ride in the front seat. >> darya: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. let's take a live look excited san francisco, those clouds are getting great. pieces and trend. we'll be right back.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> darya: 8:55 a.m. a senior mining official says there is little chance of survival for 31 men who will were trapped after an explosion in pakistan. poisonous methane gas has been hampering rescue workers efforts. at they've been
8:56 am
trying to save the men since the explosion happened early monday morning. the mine was declared dangerous two weeks ago but no one did anything about it. >> mark: u.s. defense secretary robert gates arrived in russia monday to take a final, personal try at easing moscow's worries over a missile defense shield in europe and to expand a military relationship that has grown dramatically. gates cited russia's cooperation in the war in afghanistan as well as its support of united nations security council resolutions. he will meet with russian leaders and he will speak to a class of navy academy junior officers. >> darya: president obama taking a little time to kick a soccer ball around. he's promoting job growth in the u.s.. i think he is laying low. i think he doesn't want to show up the brazilian
8:57 am
kids. >> mark: i see the kids can take them. and let's look at the box office. limitless $19,000,000 it allows them to tap into his maxima rango $15,315,000 brain potential. battle: los angeles $14,600,000 false #three. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. as the kron 4 morning news continues a of a good sign that the james lick. dry conditions. a few scattered showers as we wait for the next storm. a stormy week ahead. latest on whether rs break.
8:58 am
it's really delicious, mom. it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
8:59 am
>> live, from the bay area's news station, this is the kron 4 morning news. good
9:00 am
morning, 9:00, big stories we hear about half an hour into barry bonds trial is getting under way. to see get that big slugger lied about using steroids. jury selection is underway. japan new killer crisis new developments as the committee says the situation appears to be stabilizing and in libya tensions continue to rise after a weekend of air attacks. all eyes on bay area weather sunshine, more storms on the way. >> louisa: we just can't get rid of it, overcast continues maybe even if his party showers especially as you head down the peninsula a chance of isolated to
9:01 am
thunderstorms as we get little daytime heating rain, wind expected to pick up mid-week. start your with your radar sharing you where we're getting some wet weather. as a to get into places like san jose a few sprinkles. even little bit of snow. but along the peninsula sparti showers very late. maybe a sprinkler to. san mateo picks up as you head for san mateo, foster city still getting wet weather. and along the san mateo bridge, along the coast showers along half moon bay. as we take it up to this year, continue to see some snow showers along i 80. and along the coast, we do have a high surf and advisory. it could get to about 12 >> feet every 18 seconds.
9:02 am
current temperatures in the 40's, by the afternoon highs into the mid-upper 50s. mid- 50s for san rafael. about a degree warmer than not in to richmond. south bay mid- upper 50s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. wet forecast. we'll expected to pick up and your wednesday, thursday heavy rain, strong winds are expected. wet weather for the weekend. george. >> george: with problems and palo alto appears we're not recovered. we will star with a look at the ride north of 92 heading south to san mateo. you will see that the back up actually reaches into millbrae for 101 southbound. as he continued to move the map down, the
9:03 am
scene of earlier reoccurring problems it is basically solid from foster city of the way down past 84, into palo alto and continuing beyond. northbound ride is still heavy of the way from now on view on 101. the big peninsula commute is a rough, red deftly hot spot. bill lockyer that is the bay bridge, we thought we'd see the end of the back up and the b-2. no long-delayed for your trip to or across the upper deck. he writes in a state 680 was slowed it is now almost completely cleared out as you head south from walnut creek. no wonder any delays. >> darya: thank you, are big story we're about 30 minutes into the perjury trial of four barry bonds.
9:04 am
>> mark: we're joined by our legal analyst as we get some insight. what is happening rain now? >> gary: >> garythey're trying to get thr jury straightened out. one of the things they will also have to deal with is that trainer of barry that in the past has refused to testify. there's word coming from his attorneys that he will in this incidents refused to testify again. the judge right-hander bob issue. i assume he will push him back in jail. >> darya: is that going to happen today? >> caller: i imagine eulogistic with the jury selection but that is something the judge will hop to deal with before the start evidence because most are going have to know definitively is he going to testify or not. by that i
9:05 am
mean officially tell them i'm not going to. >> darya: as we look at barry bonds he looks very different. can then enter into it, can they make him explain hate we noticed or 30 lbs. lighter you look a lot there can you explain that? >> caller: you were assuming that he is going to take the stand when you say can you explain that, i don't think he's going to take the stand but, that is absolutely what a jury will do. they will look at him and say hey, wait a minute. they will shoot pictures when he first ordered the slaying, them and they will show the progress of the assume that they will show the equipment manager of the giants to get on the stand. when barry started his shoe size was 10, and how. when he finished up to a size 13.
9:06 am
that's a big foot growth. they will talk about the hat size, barry said he was a certain size and number of years ago, then his head also group.w the the, the defense will put an expert to talk about that and give an explanation other than steroids i am not sure. >> mark: craig anderson is a very unusual aspect, he's ready to been to jail for refusing to testify he could be at the senate but it appears he refuses to testify again. >> caller: from all accounts he will refuse to testify again. remember, what that did, apparently the government had sheets of paper indicating a steroid administration or growth hormone. the judge said if
9:07 am
you can't authenticate that and the only way you can tie it to barry bonds would be through craig anderson since he's not testifying i'm not run to lead to get in the schedules. that's a big hit to the government. >> darya: you mentioned during the other things, do they need him? are there plenty of other ways around this? >> caller: what you mean? >> darya: without anderson to the still at a strong case? >> reporter: i assume they think they have a strong case or they wouldn't be bringing this up. keep in mind the jury can conclude he did but that isn't the definitive answer in the trial because in the perjury church he said heiden and knowingly take steroids. he said he thought it was something else. so the question to the jury
9:08 am
will be ddt steroids? that to say yes or no. if the answer no it pretty much and there. if they say yes the next question did he know he was taking them? about cuts to the real heart of this case. >> mark: it just seems like it will be so difficult to see the jury given the fact everyone knows about the giants, barry bonds. also the fact that everyone whose chosen may have to have a media blackout. no television, no been on the internet. as well as staying away from all media whatsoever? >> caller: that's what all juries are told to do in all trials. they're lucky they're not being sequestered in this case because of such a big case. the judge made a reason not to do that because they're not right to put them in the hotel every night. they're told the only place you can get your evidence is that witness stand. you can
9:09 am
consider that. you cannot borrow on the internet, you can't go to facebook, a kicker my space. none of those types of things, and newspapers, television. you can't have that temper your thinking and coming to a verdict. we can to do not will for you of this jury and we might hold you in contempt. >> darya: thank you, breaking down what's going on with barry bonds. >> mark: we'll be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues.
9:10 am
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plus get access to the entire at&t national wi-fi network at no extra cost. [ woman ] i went looking for a deal, and at&t delivered. now, i just need to curb the shoe shopping. ♪ >> justine: welcome back to the kron 4 news. the assault on libya continues, we are getting word that the no-fly zone is working according to the pentagon. they will expand to tripoli very soon. the pentagon is reporting that 12 more missiles fired at command and air defense sites. they have stopped
9:13 am
around the islands. i will monitor the wires and get the very latest back to you. >> mark: italian news agency as saying the u.s. house democrat leader nancy pelosi was hospitalized in rome. pelosi the former speaker of the house is scheduled to hold talks with italian officials but no information on what caused her to fall ill. the u.s. embassy in rome declined to comment. our live up date and what is happening in santa cruz. the cleanup continues after this tsunami cost millions of dollars in damage.
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
>> darya: 9:60 a.m. new details of the japan, the staff of the power plant says containment at the plant is currently in taft, the situation appears to be stabilizing. one-two, three
9:17 am
have some core damage but containment for those three reactors is not breached. in the meantime workers try to cool the plant were evacuated after smoke rose from one of their reactors. japan's nuclear safety administration says the operator had repeatedly failed to make inspections and the equipment in the weeks before that tsunami. >> mark: we're tracking the search that had santa cruz the friday before last. the cleanup is still continuing as a slow to reopen the harbor. kron4 is live with the cleanup efforts. >> reporter: the weather has been, here in has been wreaking havoc with efforts to the weekend. this boat has been sitting because of heavy way rains. scanning the harbor seafloor looking for
9:18 am
debris and boats. until they're done with that they're not able to take care of getting this harbor back open. the crews are getting ready to go up. they will go there soon, they believe there's heavy debris in the middle of the channel they want to get that identified and have about going in and pull it out. until then most of the harbor is close to everything but small boats. the inner harbor or most of the damage is done is still closed. it's merely accessible to those who want to look at their boats. there is hope that there'll be federal funds to help pay the $26 billion in damage that has been done here. all of that is put on the back burner until they take care of the rest of the debris. the port director is not clear after tomorrow what will happen. the sooner purlieus see here is going to go out charlie antwrens
9:19 am
finish at the work that this started last week. back to you. >> darya: let's zoom in on this area of the weather has not been helping. >> louisa: we are watching some cells pershing the shoreline. anything we are getting is very, very light. light showers are expected the occasional moderate downpours in looks to be the north of the santa cruz area. rain now there's a band of rain stretching from half moon bay up into portions of the east bay are also getting some showers down and to san jose. from san mateo to union city, a closer look less sure use some wet weather stretching from foster city, belmont. san mateo bridge or replaces like union city on 1800 picking up some rainfall. also along the coastline you can see it's stretching down the coastline. not making
9:20 am
their way into the north bay. right now little bit of snowfall continuing up in the sierra. the ski resorts are certainly happy about that. high surf advisory along the coast until 5:00 p.m. up to 12 ft., 22nd intervals. right now your reader seems to be sharing his temperatures and to the '40's, breaking into the 50s. also went to oakland upper '40's down into monday, san jose. after in highs upper 50s. 55 san rafael, san francisco. temperatures in the south bay mid-upper 50s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. we will continue to see lot of wet weather rate do their work week in fact, tomorrow evening that is when you noticed the intensity picked up. heavy rain, strong winds last into the next couple of days. friday more scattered
9:21 am
showers. >> george: still looking at pretty rough ride a hot spot, 101. sat down direction especially so you will find very heavy traffic. it is heavy coming down from millbrae, third ave. then you'll see red showing up on the sensors that means speeds have dropped below 25 mi. per hour. they remain that way to belmont, san carlos, almost all the way into palo alto. there was an accident southbound that started the backed up, it is still slow. even in the northbound direction you'll find it tough trip as well. the northbound ride is improving slightly. much improved use your ride to the bay bridge. it had been a hot spot. now at the table little pussycats. --team. if you're heading toward southland,
9:22 am
don't take in a state-5 it was closed. well it might reopen in the next few hours there is no estimated time of opening rain now. highway 101 is open their you'll be subjected to rain if you head that way. >> darya: we'll be back with more in just a couple of minutes, we're keeping our eye on wall street in has been looking great all morning long. stocks are jumping. corporate dealmaking, also easing warnings about the nuclear crisis pushing our numbers up 188 points. we'll be right b.
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
>> darya: you know how rough the weather was over the weekend there was a tornado that touched down in santa rosa saturday night, it is the second one to its interest in three days. this is a horse rescue shelter.
9:26 am
the property owners of the high winds picked up the shelter dropping it 10 ft. away in a neighbor's yard. they had these huge trees that fell on houses or early sunday morning. this video of one of them. that was a big redwood split in two. it came crashing down fortunately no one was hurt. >> mark: 7 california hit with rain, wind throughout the area. rain is expected to continue in southern california again today. this is flooding from the weekend several inches of rain, mud slides, strong wind gusts. the grapevine has been closed due to snell's, wind, rain up there. 101 is three to seven california. the storm caused the big lot roof to collapse. the floors recovered with water and debris. no customers or
9:27 am
employees were hurt. >> darya: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. the latest on japan, and the latest with the barry bonds trial now underway. >> will: the jury is being selected rain now 55 altogether, i will tell you how many jurors have been excused so far this morning.
9:28 am
9:29 am
>> darya: storm trackers for committee action the we're seeing from this latest round. you can see it's not really in the north bay. you can see san francisco is on the verge with the dark clouds. more clouds as well. >> mark: falling the latest as barry bonds finally gets his day in court. reporters inside and outside. let's go outside. >> will: the trial began
9:30 am
this morning. they took a break, they're looking at 55 perspective jurors. it could because that other obligations they're now down to 17 for the pull in the trial. here's video of barry bonds driving. notice how much smaller he is, that's the thing that john turturro of us. this case should last about three weeks. it boils down to a simple question " did he knowingly lied about using steroids "? he told the grand jury he did not know he was ripping steroids on his body. prosecutors many years saying that is
9:31 am
not the case. they plan to bring in as much as 52 witnesses planning to talk to his ex-girlfriend, even though they don't have the key witness craig henderson, he's refused to testify. he was the former trainer. he looks like he will go to jail. legal experts believe it's a winnable case for the prosecution. >> mark: thank you, area? >> darya: 9:31 a.m., let's give a look at the weather. >> james: >> louisa: what can you expect more wet weather. we are sought in this morning with croats. we are seeing some light showers along the peninsula. by the afternoon we're still keeping the threat of a isolated thunderstorms in the picture. over into about
9:32 am
midweek we're expecting more rain. your reader shares as of the activity just to the south of san francisco. showing you this band of rain stretching or along the coastline. blazes like foster city, redwood city. in the belmont, east bay a cell kind of leaving the union city. heading towards 238, or did cosign the showers really started to pick up. some spotty showers, renowned through the dabbler range. --read on drew diablo. along the coast we have a high surf advisory. since could pick
9:33 am
up. your temperatures are sitting into the '40's. 49 in hayward, also led to fremont. highs and the 50s. 55 percent of slidell, san francisco. mid-upper 50s. south bay = 55. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. wet weather every day this week. late tuesday night through wednesday. george. >> george: no wonder tracking as of hotspot nice recovery from what would of been a really rough ride. san francisco was never that problematic. in mount is
9:34 am
pretty late. the easy ride to sfo. your ride to and through walnut creek is lighter than usual. no delays or back up. >> darya: officials say the no-fly zone is working. they will be expanded to the capital of tripoli. 12 more cruise missiles fired as a libyan missile command to their site. it did distrait the residential compound. air assault has grounded planes. >> mark: winds around the power plant have shifted that is not threatening to blow radiation to the more populated areas. the current pattern from the northeast is expected to continue to
9:35 am
tomorrow. there is now a threat that that could carry more radioactive material on shore. to the world's largest metropolitan area. meanwhile the world health organization says japan needs to act quickly sending food sales. the food is found to contain excessive levels of radiation. it poses a greater risk to health then redirected particles. it's hard and productive in milk and produce taiwan has detected in japanese means. temporary housing is expected to go up for the hundreds of thousands of people who lost their homes. they began a string and the rooftops and one of the homes today as thousands of similar homes have gone up. residents will
9:36 am
likely stay in them until more homes already. they estimated that the death row in japan could exceed 18,000. >> darya: recently released documents from pg&e reveal what could be another construction problem along the transmission line running beneath a san francisco suburb where a deadly natural gas explosion occurred. documents and interview transcripts released this month by the national transportation safety board show pg&e inspectors found an apparently flawed seam weld located just a few hundred feet away from the san bruno blast site. pg&e has publicly identified other flaws in the pipe, but not the potential problem uncovered in the inspection performed several weeks after the sept. 9 explosion that killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. this city of santa clara is expected to take new course of action and its funding for the forty-niners stadium. the council decides tonight whether to give 44 and $5 million to its funds directly to the niners. it faces the risk of being taken by the government is there about to do away with
9:37 am
local redevelopment agencies. >> mark: a quick break as the kron 4 morning news continues, we been showing you these throughout the morning. chain requirements of the the sierra picking up 40 in. of snow over the weekend.
9:38 am
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9:40 am
>> darya: watching wall street, the dow, nasdaq, as mp all soaring. >> mark: over the 12,000 mark, nasdaq up 2%. markets said despite the news about housing, a report going out. it pushed the home price stand to its lowest level in nine years. the national association fell from 9.6% for five and a half million homes sold engineeringin januare
9:41 am
one story that's been spiking wall street is acquisition is as at&t is about to become the largest telephone company in the united states. they're going to bite team mobil and a cash and stock deal worth $39 billion. at the gallery gets very approval for this deal. >> darya: boy gas prices are high, average price jumped 75 bus 765 more than we're paying this year than last year. bay area gas price averages, san francisco $4.20. oakland is a penny less that 397. state lawmakers were back to the bargaining table try to decide whether to extend the taxes that were raised as for two years. they would go to the voters to decide, that's what governor brown
9:42 am
wants to do. that would let the voters decide if we want to send the sales, personal income and vehicle taxes that were set to expire he's also proposed deep spending cuts to close the $26 billion budget deficit. >> mark: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. the kron 4 morning news continues until 11:00 a.m. take a look to walnut creek sunshine, clouds and still have rain showers showing up. we're looking for scattered showers possible for the afternoon.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>> darya: >> mark: marathon runners didn't just have to compete with each other but that to compete with the elements, they ran 26 mi. in a cold, wet weather, hundreds had to be treated for hypothermia. medical staff was there they were stretched thin because of all the people, the rain did not hamper the speed of
9:46 am
the 26 year-old ethiopian runner who broke the race record by almost two minutes. it was rainy, cold, horrible they have a marathon. a bad weekend for just about anything. >> louisa: these are little better rain our still seeing some scattered showers to the south of san francisco we're kind of watching this band of rain stretching to the coastline. wet weather rain now continuing in places like red red city. all along the dumbarton bridge. places are picking up some showers on the south. as you had an hour to places like san jose we're starting to prepare showers, even say hello snow continue in the higher country. high surf and advisory expected to get to 12 ft., 22nd intervals.
9:47 am
breaking away as up to 18 ft. sitting in the 40's, 50's. says bay, upper 40's. say is the upper 50s and places like santa rosa. 55 in and said resisters same for the kurds line. reggie our way up to 57. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. even wet weather and tuesday weekend is certainly not catching many breaks your best bet is to arm morning if you need to do something outdoors. heavy rain and winds not moving into a tuesday night. >> george: you have our share of hot spots. the right to the bay bridge, the back of their we have here is gone. it's an easy trip to across the upper deck. new delays to san francisco.
9:48 am
chain requirements are still in effect for 50, 80, 88. although 88 is closed and one stretch from kerr scored his over a lake. >> mark: miles long past as lead showing up in the mississippi river. apparently a looks like oil sheen, but the coast guard test it, they found only trace amounts of petroleum. the substance is not believed to be from the bp oil spill, most likely it's caused our river sediment. crews are putting out booms to up and up the mess. >> darya: a senior mining official says there is little chance of survival for 30 men who are still trapped underground in a mine explosion. 21 others have been confirmed dead. poisonous gas has made the
9:49 am
west to work really problematic. they have been able to get down there since these men were caught. it had been the clear dangers. robert gates is visiting russia for what's expected to be his final visit. he's hoping to ease worries over a mature defense shield. and expansion of their military relationship. their recent support has dramatically involved in racing years. >> darya: some fanciful work from our own commander in chief. we'll have that coming up as a kron4 morning nes continues.
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
>> darya: here's the president playing soccer, but seek it, he does the
9:53 am
inside foot. he is going easy on the kids. he was this some kids in brazil, playing soccer he is on his store. he's i would just have a little fun. >> mark: the dow was up over 200 now up 181. the nasdaq is up 48. new dublin is reported in the manufacturing of ipad-2 south--new delays. now, here is gabe slate, with some tech news. >>gabe: market research group is five is things. last week's earthquakes it could cause shortages of the ipad-2. the ticket are determined by the electronic parts likely come from
9:54 am
japan. here's what the parts are related to. storage, memory, electronic compass, touch green glass and a battery. obol has not confirm this. it is possible apple to get the parts from other manufacturers in different countries. apple is our defacing more demands. many stores solidarity. the situation in japan will likely affect other goods as well. some companies have all had to close. it could affect the supply of tv's, bleary, computers. it's possible and a few months we will see some of these atoms of stock. >> darya: box office, while
9:55 am
was big this weekend limitless $19,000,000 sci-fi thriller. he figures out this way that he takes a pill that makes them have the maximum brain potential. rango $15,315,000 came in second place learning just ever 15 bottle loss angeles which was no. 1 last weekend dropped to no. 3. >> mark: lake tahoe chain requirements, rebind is closed. as far as snow in this era some very hefty totals over the weekend. 7 reporting 40 in. of snow. heavenly reporting 5 ft. of snow 61 in. in the last seven days. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. a lot more stormy weather to come. mainly the peninsula and assess blame more rain tomorrow afternoon. as rain, wind expected. heavy rain wednesday into thursday a
9:56 am
few showers on friday another storm coming as we head towards next weekend. heavy taking your kids at of their boosters, we may have to put them back in their new recommendations from the american academy of pediatrics it changes the average for how long kids should stay buckled up. they're advising parents to keep their babies in those rear facing car seats until age 2. there also recommending that most of tran ride in a booster seat there up the limits. they should stay in the blisters the street and 04 feet 9 in. tall in the ages of 8-12 no child under the age of 13 should be allowed to ride in a frenzy. --in the front seat. >> darya: i don't make the height but i am old enough. we have another hour of the
9:57 am
kron 4 morning news. don't go away. >> mark: bay bridge toll plaza earlier hot spots, things are now clearing know. a live look here for mount tam, we are in the crowds. as a of scattered rain showers showing up around the bay. the roof camera shows some breaks over san francisco. more on the weather, big storms on the way.
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> james: top stories at this hour, after seven years barry bonds perjury trial is finally underway. >> reporter: the latest out of japan the committee says the situation at the crippled plant
10:00 am
in japan appears to be stabilizing. plus built world health organization what they are saying about content contaminated food. libyan >> james: no-fly zone is working, and will be expanded to the capital city soon. the final hour of the news starts now. >> live from the bay area new station, this is the kron 4 morning news. >> reporter: monday march 21st, 2011. >> james: a look at whether, up wet, windy it was like that this morning and over the weekend. >> louisa: starting to see the showers in the south bay, that's where it has picked up, a downtown san francisco you can see a lot of cloud cover, scattered showers and overcast. isolated thunderstorms could be the pictures this afternoon.
10:01 am
rain and wind expected to pick up tomorrow night. your radar shows you the wet weather, south of the golden gate bridge through the livermore valley but down to the south bay especially. as you head down into places like palo alto, we see heavy rain, some cells making their way towards milpitas as well. along the peninsula, we are watching the cell through said mchale. showers picking up their along highway 82. as you take it up peninsula is it takes it up a bit. in the sierra continuing with still fall through the morning hours, along the coast we have a high and surf advisories, at times we could see those waves breaking in at 18 ft.. temperatures in the '40's, '50's, by this afternoon amid tougher '50s. 58 san rosa,
10:02 am
mid-50s downtown san francisco, richmond we could warming up to 57 today. here is that 7 day, showing you a series of wet weather days, heavy as we headed to tuesday through thursday. wet weather continues into the weekend. >> erica: a good time to drive around the bay area no hot spots or slow spots. it has been a rough ride in the traffic department but it looks like things are settling down. your approach to the bay bridge one of our big hot spots we had five accidents and a couple of stalls reported along the bridge earlier our spirit certainly not the case now, no problems getting to the bridge, although i think those meter lights are still cycled on there is no way that the pay gates. walnut creek 68 a great ride for you. conditions looked good towards
10:03 am
the san ramon valley between alamo in danville. no problems was down 24, if you're headed to los angeles you will not be taking five because it is close to the most direction due to icy and snowy conditions out there. use 1 01 as your alternate route. >> reporter: topping our news in has been seven years in the making. the perjury trial for barry bonds is finally getting underway in san francisco. will tran is live with more on what has happened already this morning in what we expect. >> will: we have waited seven years for this to begin, we will wait another four weeks to find out what happened. that is the word coming from the judge. the trial will not last two weeks but maybe four. they are talking about the jurors, 55 today, they will probably dismiss 38 rid off the bat because they don't like
10:04 am
the questionnaire answers. tomorrow will be another day to look for more jurors, we will have to wait and see how long this will play out. we do know barry bonds showed up at 7:50 a.m., this is video, noticeably to us is how much the better he was, it just caught our attention, he is obviously set, he looks like he has lost a lot of weight. he didn't talk to reporters as he walked through the metal detectors is now inside the courtroom, at the crux of this in trial is whether he knowingly used steroids. he went before the grand jury in 2003 and he said he never knowingly use steroids, he said he was robbing flaxseed oil on his body. they never bought the story, that's why they spent years on this case, it will bring in 52 witnesses, try and
10:05 am
see if they can try ttalk to anderson, but anderson said he won't talk so he will probably spend some time in jail. they believe it is a winnable case for the prosecution, for all the money that they are spending if they do win, they find he is guilty. they believe he will spend a day in jail, he probably will have probation. we will have to wait and see. we have now learned it will go on a whole month. >> reporter: 1 question. from your perspective are there any fans or foes gathered? >> will: there were fans of side in front, he headed t-shirt i don't want to say but basically it bonds goes to jail than
10:06 am
baseball is wrong. he's been out here before, we don't see the throng of fans we saw the in the past. just because he has been out of baseball. this time he walked in and to be honest if you didn't pay attention to the man, he just walked past you would not have known it was barry bonds, because he does look noticeably difference. >> reporter: we appreciate your updates, stay with kron 4 as we follow the spirit >> james: the crisis in japan, the innermost containment shell at all three reactors are attacked. the situation at the plant seems to be stabilizing. they are devising a plan on a comprehensive safety review on the u.s. nuclear reactors. they
10:07 am
were evacuated this morning after reports of smoke coming from one of those crippled reactors. that brought to a standstill some of the work to restore electricity to the cooling system. the world health organization says japan needs to work quickly and began food sales from areas that now show elevated levels of radiation it is tainting water supplies and vegetables. the levels at this point don't pose any short-term risk to humans. and they are saying yet to appear and >> reporter: nissan has started production at and some of its plants. most of the auto industry shut down after the earthquake and tsunami devastated the country earlier this month. this will still face rolling blackouts that may hamper all this production until mid or late summer. stocks are jumping in midday trading at
10:08 am
corporate dealmaking easing worries about the nuclear crisis. it is up 185. a couple of mergers are pushing this drive, att wants to buy team mobil for $39 billion, charles schwab's said it would buy options express 4 $1 billion. >> james: 10 08 a.m., when we come back the latest out of libya. take a look at this video. those were the latest scenes out of that country this morning as the u.s. imposed no- fly zone continues. battle still wages on the ground. we have live pictures out of chile, president barack obama our arrives at the palace. obviously we're following his movements. we will be
10:09 am
10:10 am
10:11 am
10:12 am
>> james: like to look from the sierra, they expect to win just a poll today. over the weekend i think only one day of the sierra saw 40 in. come down. we check with heavenly they reported over the last seven days 61 in. of new snow. that is almost 6 ft.. if you have a man up there of what is different. >> reporter: new this morning new agency says new nancy pelosi was hospitalized briefly with a minor ailment. a former house speaker had been scheduled to hold talks with italian officials including the defense. no word on what caused her to fall ill, and the embassy is declining to comment. after the
10:13 am
break an update on gas prices. unfortunately i will show you how high they are this time around. all live look at san francisco, beautiful blue skies weather forecast what we get back.
10:14 am
10:15 am
10:16 am
>> reporter: gas prices went up 75 over the past month. our local prices san francisco $4.20, san jose $3.98, all planned $3.97. >> james: also the scene in southern california the rain is expected to continue. this is video from the weekend storm. it
10:17 am
was drenched with rain over the weekend. the rain at higher elevations at turn to snow and ice and had shut down the grapevine. we have just learned in the past six mont minuteminus reopened. meanwhile the storm caused the mess inside of this big markedeadlocked. bog lot. >> louisa: the bulk of the wet weather south of the golden gate bridge this morning. in fact places like belmont, foster city we see some heavy rain there. also at 237 working their way
10:18 am
towards the 880 corridor. this cell between belmont and redwood city, the rain is certainly coming down there. we are seeing showers continuing as we head through the morning hours. up in the sierra we are still seeing this snow coming down, just no showers but still long 80 and 50 we continue with snowfall. along the coast we have a high surf advisory to 05 p.m. it is picking up 12 ft. today, 22nd interval spirit we see them breaking up to 18 ft.. temperatures in the '40's, '50's. we will take some up to the upper 50s and some places south bay at mid to upper 50s 55 along the coast. 7 day around the bay, one day after another. we keep it a chance of rain
10:19 am
every day this week, the chance of heavy rain kick sand in the evening hours, we continued to see that trend wednesday, thursday. the weekend will be another wet one. >> erica: metering lights are turned off at the bay bridge, no backup whatsoever. traffic moving freely all three approaches. giving you a drive time of about 10 minutes from the foot of the maze towards fremont street san francisco. in the south bay we have been relatively quiet, no hot spots. alive look north l 1 01. traffic is moving very well. the same story for all the freeways no problems to report northbound direction up to 80 along a 80 or highway 17. giving you an
10:20 am
update on sierra chain requirements in effect. you will need them along 80 from baxter to truckee. also highway 50, highway 88 chains is some structures, but a quick reminder it is shut down between kirkwood and silver lake. >> reporter: tracking the cleanup after the tsunami in the harbor. part of the harbor has reopened. >> craig: temporary window good weather is giving this crew that chance to continue to scan a harbour looking for more debris in sunken boats. the crew has been hampered by stormy weather conditions including this ocean currents. the waves making scanning impossible. they are anxious to get this fully open, small boats can come in and out only through the outer harbor.
10:21 am
this boat has been hauling to break out and is waiting to finish the job. they're waiting to see i >> james: 10:21 a.m. this scene from mt. tam this morning, low clouds up there at the peak. the rest of us should be partly to mostly sunny [ female announcer ] here are some great reasons to switch to at&t.
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10:24 am
at&t, right? you got it. [ female announcer ] it's easy to compare online at and see for yourself. >> james: we have lot of snow coming down, more on the way, snow was falling over the next four, five days out. all through the weekend as a matter of fact. one storm after the other. you see it all laid out, today scattered showers possible thunderstorms this afternoon. the clouds will build my
10:25 am
evening rains come in, thursday it still with us, friday scattered showers, saturday sunday is a wet one. >> reporter: new details about that deadly san bruno gas line explosion. a pipeline inspection has uncovered a flaunt it seemed well on the pipeline under sambar an opec freeze similar to one that failed in september. it sparked an explosion that killed eight people, destroying 38 homes. the discovery means there are construction problems on the other parts of the transmission line, previously the only problem area they found was underneath the send bruno part that was at the ruptured site. the city of santa clara will make the council will decide tonight whether to give a $4.5
10:26 am
million amount of money from its redevelopment fund to the forty- niners. it faces a risk of being taken if the legislature takes away from. >> james: we have the dow, nasdaq, s&p surging. on word that at&t will be acquiring t mobil. state lawmakers will be back at the bargaining table this week as they get ready to discuss it on possible tax exception spirit governor jerry brown wants lawmakers to call an election june 7th, it would let voters decide whether to extend increases in sales, personal, income, vehicle taxes in and acted two years ago. >> reporter: coming up, the very
10:27 am
latest out of libya as things change every hour. the pentagon is saying the no-fly zone is working. the bay bridge toll plaza, morning commute is doing just fine. be back in a
10:28 am
10:29 am
>> james: billabongs is in court today it took seven years but it has started today. >> will: today they are busy talking to jurors. dennises side he tap told me they are asking jurors questions. like is there any reason that you cannot be
10:30 am
fair in this trial? they're looking for 16 jurors, trial should last for weeks that came down from the judge this morning. here is video of him are arriving at around 7:50 a.m. 40 minutes before the trial began whether or not he lied about knowingly using steroids. at that time he said he never knowingly used steroids. they don't believe them that's why they have spent years putting this case together. they probably will not have the key witness in this case that is craig anderson. his longtime trainer and childhood friend. if they had him they could use him to cooperate evidence. they will bring up 52 witnesses, also his ex-girlfriend who will try to
10:31 am
testify that he had roy rage, although his attorney think she's out with her own agenda. this morning when he walked in, one thing that stood out was that he was noticeably smaller. he looks fit but a lot smaller than when he set the home run record four years ago. >> james: think you for that. keep it tuned here for the updates. >> reporter: time for weather update let's go over to the weather center. house the rain wait a minute is that snow were looking at? >> louisa: all this no resorts are posting all of their snow. here's what it looks like. but over the past 24 hours alpine meadows 30 in., homewood 22,
10:32 am
squaw valley 27 in. of snow in the past 24 hours, surely all about 22. it will be nice to take the advantage of that fresh powder. at outside we show you where the wet weather is. most of the activities in the south of the golden gate bridge. heavier rain right now, it looks like we are watching showers pushed to the east of 880, towards milpitas, we are getting stronger rain coming down long 880 corridor. as we take it up the peninsula we have seen heavy downpours through foster city, beaumont area, san mateo. still seeing showers there but has tapered off a bit. another jam picking up those showers as well. getting heavier rain down around the apple to the area. in the sierra we continue to see the snowfall long a pass. i serfin prize
10:33 am
street in effect till 5:00 p.m., we do expect this surf to get up to 18 ft., it will happen in 22nd intervals. we also may see sneaker waves as well. but this afternoon highs into the upper 50s and some of the warm spots, but it doesn't look like we will get out of the '50s. 55 san francisco, happen bay, san jose 57, here's the trend over the next couple of days. keep numberless out and the rain coats out. the heavy stuff expected to come in tomorrow night. heavy rain strong wind could last wednesday, thursday we a few breaks friday in the weekend as well, it will stay wet but it won't be as strong. >> erica: hot spot for a very wide, no longer tracking
10:34 am
problems for your ride around the bay area. that includes the bay bridge westbound nicely conditions, not tracking in wait, those metering lights are cycled off, no problems from any three of the approaches. drive time of 10 minutes from the foot of the maze towards fremont streets in francisco. crosstown freeways look good at the james lick where it meets the in south-central, it has been hot spot for it. drive time towards him francisco airport clocking in at 16 minutes. walnut creek 680 is problem free, alive look into and out of a walnut creek. conditions continue westbound 24, and ni-five is back opened e last pastone half hour. no problems getting down to the southland.
10:35 am
>> reporter: in japan the containment at the three reactors are currently in tact, the situation seems to be stabilizing. containment for the reactors is not currently preach. workers are trying to cool the plant, they were evacuated today after smoke rose from one of those reactors. the safety agency says the operator of the complex, repeatedly failed to make crucial inspections of the equipment, wait in the crucial weeks before it was crippled in the earthquake and tsunami. after more than a week of blowing from the on and off winds of the coast, the winds from the plant have now shifted. threatening to blow radiation over populated areas to the south. the current
10:36 am
pattern through much of the japan is expected to continue through tomorrow and that could carry more material offshore from the facility to about a hundred and 50 mi. to the south, that takes it to the world's largest metropolitan area of tokyo. it has over 30 million residents. >> james: in the last 20 minutes we have learned the security council will meet privately to discuss libyas accusation about the intervention in its request for emergency meeting of the u.n.'s most powerful body. gadhafi's compound is in ruins this morning after air strikes. samantha hayes has the latest. >> reporter: officials say they'll moving into a patrol in phase after missile strikes overnight destroyed mark gadhafi's compound in tripoli puree. they all working on a
10:37 am
resolution that has enforcement on the no fly zone. sunday defense secretary robert gates said u.s. would not maintain a primary role in the conflict. >> we will be a member of coalition, we want a military role, we will not have the preeminent role. >> reporter: they called for a they say the dauphin east up hold its own order. he addressed tv the state. >> we will be victorious in the end and you will die >> reporter: the obama administration is be more clear about the time line. >> they will have to find a way to lay out why they are vital, what the risk are if khaddafi
10:38 am
stays in power, and how long we are committed to this operation. >> reporter: u.s. participation may have peaked according to u.s. officials who say the main goal of using aircraft in those airstrikes over the country has been accomplished. in washington, kron 4 news. >> james: another update out of libya, the four journalists that have been held in libya will be released today. a spokesman emotion says they were hauled over to the turkish ambassador and are expected to cross the border later today. they say the journalists were captured during fighting last week. >> reporter: kron 4 morning news will
10:39 am
10:40 am
>> james: we have the dow is up by 175 points to the plus side. i think the other industries are
10:41 am
positive as well, yes they are. we had corporate dealmaking this morning, at&t saying it would buy team mobil, that was big news. we got the latest from the realtors sings sales fell 10% last month. that was expected, that doesn't look to be damaging. new for you fewer americans, previously occupied homes and we have loaded up about that actually. let's see the video to we have that i guess we don't hear it i guess will talk more about housing prices. willets adjusting. wait a minute will legal and pitahaya will retain alive look a minute will legal and pitahaya will retain alive look as i? know that this will take
10:42 am
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>> reporter: top stories, barry bonds is going to court today, he is being charged with lying to a grand jury. >> james: world health organization says japan needs to work quickly and began food sales if the food there is found to contain excessive radiation. it is tainting vegetables right now and water supplies. health experts say it doesn't pose any short-term health risk. >> reporter: rebels won a force gaddafi from power and have him go to trial rather than have him killed. they say air strikes led by france, britain, and the united states has helped, but they meet need more weapons to win.
10:46 am
>> louisa: ahoy and heavy showers and this the bay this hour. we have see them pick up down into places like campbell appeared in mt. tam, the north bay is staying fairly dry. overcast conditions. you can see the clouds continuing to hang around. showers persist. isolated thunderstorms could be a possibility for this afternoon. rain picking up in the later hours for tomorrow. starting with your radar showing you the heavy stuff, all the activity south of the golden gate bridge. light showers is you head south toward, noticing a few showers rupee a. the south oshowers. : 880 and highway 85 s
10:47 am
well. up the peninsula we are starting to dry up. down in the dark burger bridge still seeing showers there. as we widen out we see snowfall up in the sierra. has been persistent. along the coast we have a high service advisory until 5:00 p.m. it is getting up to about 12 ft. every 20 seconds. the temperatures warming up in to the low 50s, your highs should break into the upper 50s in places like santa rosa, of vallejo, 56 richmond. mid-50s in san rafael and san francisco. 56 bellevue, you're 7 day around the bay shows a lot more wet weather. the first days of spring will be wet and staying wet through the week. the heavy
10:48 am
stuff moves and overnight into your late tuesday night. scattered showers through the weekend. >> erica: our roundup of traffic cameras, no hot spots. the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is flowing freely for the west bound ride. those metering lights are cycled off, no problems towards them francisco or getting to the bridge. one no one in san jose, north bound 1 01 looks good you may have to contend with wet weather out there but drive times are looking good. 14 minutes up toward santa clara. conditions up in the sierra, you will need chains along 80 from baxter to truckee, 50, a quick reminder highway 88 currently shut down between kirkwood and silver lake. >> reporter: a patch of sludge
10:49 am
has shown up in the mississippi river right near new orleans. it looks like an oil sheen on top of the water. the coast guard tested it over the weekend and only found trace amounts of petroleum. apparently it's not from the bp oil spill. it is most likely caused by reverse sentiment marathon runners did not just come the with each other they competed with the elements. 26 mi. race in cold wet weather yesterday. after hundreds of people were treated with hypothermia. they were stretched thin as a result. of course the rain did not dampen the speed of a 26 year-old ethiopian runner. he broke the record by two minutes. >> james: new guidelines for
10:50 am
parents say children should ride in rear-facing car seats longer, until they are 2 years old instead of 1. and some kids should ride in booster seats until age 12. that's the advice from the american academy of pediatrics and the national highway traffic safety administration. the doctors group and the federal agency issued separate but consistent new recommendations monday. both organizations say older children who've outgrown front-facing car seats should ride in booster seats until the lap-shoulder belt fits them. booster seat or not, children younger than 13 should ride in the back seat. we will take a quick break and be back with more the moment. an airshow benefits quake and tsunami victims in japan, it's called sketch for japan. it will be at the project one galleria and lounge. the are will be $50 and under, all proceeds will go to give to asia.
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
>> james: storm tracker 4, we have a decent cell working its way in the south bay. read along highway 85, north and east of los gatos. intense rains fallen right now, trekking to the south and east. areas south of 85 the rain will get more intense as the rain continues to track your wait. 70 forecast shows this type of weather pattern for the next week. on and off again rain through the week. this weekend coming up will be a lot like the last weekend we just had appeare. highway 50 at 89. e
10:55 am
making their way all right, chain requirements are in fact so bring them if you're headed there. >> reporter: a final check of the big board. the dow up 180, could start for the week keeping you posted with wall street. also topping the box office, limitless, struggling writer takes the pill to help him tap into his maximum blame potential. james takes one of those every day. rain goal made 15.3 million, but a loss angeles fell to third bring in 14.6 million. >> james: an anniversary five years ago today, the first of what was to become billions of tweet was posted. two words,
10:56 am
inviting co-workers. since that tweet in 2006, twitter founder, has grown the company to 165 million registered users. according to the block the post about a billion tweets every week. some bad news for giants fans. brian wilson, you see him standing still. he has a strained rib cage muscle. he guessed it nursed that injury. it could keep him from starting the season. the chronicle said he had in mri, he was injured while pitching on thursday, he will be re-evaluated today. it is an clear whether it will be ready for opening day. >> reporter: hopefully he will start moving again. >> james: yes. that is that for
10:57 am
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